Issue with "Continuous Recording" on my V3

Although “Continuous Recording” rather than “Events Only” recording does work on all of my V3 cams I am wondering if it’s causing issues with my cams.
Has anyone experienced any issues keeping their cams in Continuous recording mode ? I’m wondering if there are known problems that I’m not aware of such as random feed disconnects etc. I would appreciate any and all feedback on this…Thanks, tlhutch4

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I I haven’t experienced any issues. All of my cams are set to Continuous Record and on 24\7. I only see a 1 minute gap when I auto reboot my cams on a schedule.

Are your cams somehow switching SD card settings to Events Only or Off?

This would not affect SD recording, only Cloud Event Recording or Live Stream. The most likely causes of cam connectivity drop are poor WiFi signal due to distance\impedance or network band congestion\intereference.

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I have been using Continuous Recording for a year with no problems. 24/7 too. I have a 32GB Micro SD formatted in FAT32 and not even a high endurance rating. This is what I had on hand when I bought my V3. Probably will go with a high endurance rating in the future.


Thanks for your comments everyone. Good to know that continuous recording is likely not causing me issues. More likely as Slabslayer says it’s poor Wifi signal due to distance or other….tlhutch4

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When you say “random feed disconnects”, do you mean the video jumps ahead like frames are missing?

Not video jumps ahead.
Rather video feeds stop and can usually be restarted but not always right away. Likely restarts itself when signal is stronger. I believe Slabslayer diagnosed my issue. Experimenting with it now.

The reason I asked is because I had video frames missing in cloud and SD card video, but that was related to a V3 firmware update. I had to do a factory reset on the V3 to get it back to normal.



Yur not describing the problem well enough for others to pinpoint the situation.

I read yur msg to imply the playback of the recording is an issue, rather than the actual recording.

Does the playback show the teal color, which implies a continuous recording?