Is this normal or something is broken? This is showing in both modes, night and normal

Can you be more specific with what exactly you’re referring to?

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The greenish area with static looking - this is only showing under these options, no where else.

Here is fine.

I just unpacked it tonight, updated both firmwares: the base and the outdoor cam.

The green area is the detection zone. That’s the area that the PIR sensor uses for detecting motion.


Thank you for your insights.
It looks so ugly and fuzzy - I can’t figure out how to use it. It’s like watching TV in the 70th. Is there any instructor or video available about it?
Besides, NO more motion detection - NO detection, No notification. Only a few after setting it up last night.
Am I doing something wrong?

Btw, It was fully charged when I started to monitor. Just check it now, the battery is showing 0%.

The motion sensor in the camera is a fixed position. The green area is the detection zone. It’s meant to catch motion moving horizontally across the green field.

You’ll only see the green field in the detection settings. It’s there so you know what area is covered by the horizontal field.

The way the PIR works, is once it detects motion the camera will wake up and then start recording. It won’t be instantaneous. Reading through the forums there’s a few posts about the detection zone on the WCO regarding motion not being detected when things are moving vertically into the zone. It does a better job of detecting horizontal movement.

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Are you live streaming thee a… bathroom camera… anywhere? Tinycam? Alexa? Etc? When you Livestream it doesn’t detect motion, so that is the answer to your battery and no motion events issue.

So, that weird ugly fuzzy looking 2/3 greenish screen is ‘normal’?

Here’s info about the battery. From one of the Wyze founders.

Here’s a post about the PIR motion sensor and how it works.


The detection zone is only there in the settings pages to show you what the detection zone is so you can manually adjust your camera to it. Are you leaving that screen up and watching your… Bathroom… Camera from that screen? That’ll drain the battery as you are connected to the camera not letting it enter a battery conservation state. Which is also why your not getting events.


It’s normal on the detection setting screen because that’s the zone it’s referring to. You won’t see that anywhere else.


Thank you for your response.
DO I understand correctly: so if I’m life streaming using my Galaxy phone, no detection, no notification and no battery level work. Correct? What’s the logic in that?

The WCO is a battery operated camera. Its not hard wired like the previous v2 and pans. On the website it states that the wco was designed for a 3-6 month battery life with only 10-20 event videos per day, which equates to the camera being “awake” for about 5 minutes per day. So each time you Livestream from the camera in multiples of 5 mins, that’s taking one full day off the advertised battery life. Which is why it’s only lasting several hours for you. If you want to live stream all day I’d say get a v2. If it still detected events while live streaming, that would use even more battery. So the event detection was disabled while connected to the camera.


Not just a Mod, a founder :slight_smile:


Dang it. My bad. I’m gonna go fix that now.


Thank you for insights.
Is the entire greenish area that’s being detected including all the shades of horizontal greens, or only between the very few greenish horizontal shades of green nearing the 2/3 of the screen?

The “green” is the area where the PIR can sence motion. The gradient area I am guessing is a “gray” area of maybe detection area, but I wouldn’t count on it. Make sure your area that you want detection is in the dark green area.