Is there really any support? Cannot connect with anyone

Since day one none of our cameras or base station will record to SD card and now it seems like none will connect to internet either. Yes software is up to date. Called and tried to chat with support (there can’t be any) and after 90 minutes gave up on both.

I wish someone would answer support chat or calls

I’m convinced there is no support
Our cameras won’t record to SD card. We’ve tried multiple cards and all software is up to date.
They also only connect to internet when they want to.

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You need to submit a lots of logs to Wyze attention

while you wait.

reset your Wyze stuff
reset your router…not reboot.
re add your Wyze products

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Try the chat, it worked for me. However I believe that Wyze support is the worst part of this company. It is really hit or miss not well trained and when you hit a wall there is no upper tier to contact. I found more support and detailed answers here.

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The battery powered WYZE outdoor cams have never recorded to the SD card unless you set them for scheduled event recording. The cameras should backup events to the base unless you have cam plus then they will not. Do you have cam plus or cam plus lite? The SD card in the camera is only for travel mode, scheduled recording and time lapse. The internet connection depends where the base is and what the signal looks like to the cams. I have had 4 WCO since October 2020 and they all connect just fine at a distance of 45 feet, 40 feet, 35 feet and 15 feet at their current locations. So you did called support on the phone 206-339-9646 ?
Is the base connected via ethernet or wi-fi ?


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Good Luck on Wyze support…maybe the Trident guy can help you? Any takers on the Air purifier?

Given the bad camera experiences I have.
Do you think I am ready for more tortures?

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