Is there any thinking of a picture view of all your cameras so you can watch them on a computer/app

Good morning Wyze users. Do you know if they thought of a display mode that would give you all your cameras or a series of cameras showing a live view?

I worked in the corporate world for 28 years as a security analyst and worked with the video systems and access control. I know that there is a need to monitor at their house all the time. mainly to see who is at their house, drive way, kids playing in the other room, or Fido sleeping. I have downloaded Bluestack that emulates a Android device on a Windows PC. That helps, but does not give me the view I am looking for.

Attached is an example.

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You can add your cameras to Groups. Then it will show them in a tile view. More info can be found below.


Group mode view stinks in the WYZE app as all the cams stream SD when grouped…even if you have them individually set to HD.

A cam in group mode has a resolution of 360p. A cam in group mode is 1/2 a normal screen, so it would normally be resolution of 512p. So not a major visual difference. They do this to accommodate slower-bandwidth home networks.

IMO it is a very noticeable difference and I wear glasses.

Thank you so much for your responses. I did try this on my 4, iPhones, 3 iPads and Android operating systems. I just didn’t get the result that I was wanting. That may be an enhancement as a pie in the sky for the future. It works, but you are limited due to screen space and cameras. I am switching to DSL from cable internet due to cost. My cable internet provider limits their data. I want to have my camera systems up when I am in my office. I can pull up a individual camera for a view.

I found a TimeCamPro on the Google Store for Android. Wyze Cam and TinyCam Pro Setup | How to View Wyze Cam on Computer - YouTube

It was exactly what I was looking for. It looks as it is only Android devices. I bought the $3.99 version.
There were several reviews on this product last year on support forums. You can go up and tell what cameras you want to view. I chose 4 of them for this example. You can chose as many as you want. Tomorrow, I will play with my Cam 3’s.