Is there an "automatic" setting in the new Watch to get readings overnight from blood oxygen sensor?

I see that heart rate can be set for 5 minute intervals but no mention of same for blood oxygen. Does anyone know if that is a feature?

Hello @gig and welcome to the community.

As far as I am aware they can both take reading at 5 minute intervals (blood oxygen and heart rate)

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Thanks Jason. I’m hoping the company will reply.

They may, but this is a user to user forum and the company does not look at everything. I did check and the 5-minute interval is accurate, they chose that to be the interval to maximize battery life.

Supposed to be continuous:
“Your Blood Oxygen Level Right on Your Wrist
A drop in blood oxygen saturation is one of the earliest signs of serious health risks. A crystal glass casing and a pair of infrared LED clusters keep it measured 24/7 on your wrist”

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I doubt it since battery life would take a hit. Even 5 min would be good if it can be verified! Especially if it can be charted against heart rate and time of day. I’m still hoping that Wyze will reply but soon we will have user feedback I hope.