Is there a way to lock the app on phone

Is there a way to put security on the app so it requires a pin or biometrics to enter the app? Android phone.

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There is not much which can be done once someone is on your phone. The best thing to do is ensure your phone is locked and requires a PIN or Finger Print to logon.

The other option, but is probably not the best. You can continually log out of the app which then would require your password and a 2FA process. However, if you do this, you wont get notifications or be able to use the Widget on the phone for Wyze. I believe this is the case. I, personally, would not do this.

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Nope now why would a customer want to do that? Need to remember for all notifications to work the device needs to be running in the background.

I meant that if someone gets a hold of my phone they have control of my house. I want to have to app open with biometrics or a pin. Other security companies do that.

Your screwed, just kill the phone go look for a phone killer app and put it on your other device

Seems like a very reasonable feature request for the Wyze app. It’s apparently straightforward to incorporate.

Failing that, some phones offer app locking natively (OnePlus, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi) and there are 3rd party apps.

Of course I’d just make sure the phone itself had locking with a short timeout. That would address the intruder scenario.

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That is what I said. No Notifications. However, if someone is concerned enough, that is an option

The App does not prompt when you open it after the first time you logon. I would set your phone up so that it has the appropriate controls in place to make sure it is locked and requires a form of 2FA to get on. Finger Print, PIN, etc.

You can make this a Wish List item, but make sure it is not there already.

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I think the only way to do this now is to log out each time you’re done with the app and use 2FA on the account. My banking apps have biometric or password authentication each time it’s opened, but I never thought about it for Wyze since my phone is always locked anyway. Worse case, I could remote wipe the phone I suppose.