Is there a setting to it record human movement ONLY

I have folks dropping off and picking up dogs throughout the day. My Cam misses recording about 75% of those humans/dogs. Yes, it records every so many seconds. I get a lot of leaves blowing and a bug crawling on the window. I really want it to record humans. I sort of have it set the way I thought I should. Do I need to have it do a constant record to capture? When I had it that way before it would still not send me a notification. Hoping the updates might have solved this and I just am not aware of making the magic happen.

There is no setting to only record human movement, there are settings to only notify on human movement ‘person detection’, but it will still record all motion as the person detection depends on the motion detection to work.

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Yes, I have same issue on one camera and another has bushes and constantly goes off. I just have alerts turned off and added door sensors that record the camera when opened. Only real solution.

I was told to decrease sensitivity but I tried 1% (or lowest setting) and even 1% of screen, but then that 1 bug or leaf would cross that part of the screen AND I’d get a false alert. LOL.

I have 5 cameras, 4 door sensors(only true sensor when they do work), 2 pir sensors(also trigger falsely), and 2 electric wifi outlets with no real use other than to use once in a while.

As much as I have hoped for solutions from Wyze, its been more of a novelty than a real world security solution.

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Maybe if they open-sourced the code they’d ramp up solutions faster!!!

To the extent that you’re missing notifications for people, it’s probably because of the cooldown period. After the camera records a motion event, there’s a 5-minute cooldown period before it will record another one.

There’s a premium feature currently in beta testing called “Complete Motion Capture” that will remove the 12-second limitation and cooldown period. It hasn’t been released to the masses yet, but if you sign up to be a beta tester, you can use that now. Become a Beta Tester – Wyze. It will be $1.49/month after it launches. I expect that will probably be within the next few weeks.

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