Is there a faster way through support?

I have an open ticket for a new cam i received that won’t recognize any SD cards.
The ticket is 10 days old. Any chat option or faster way through support process?

If you go to the Support page there should be a floating blue “Support” chat icon on the bottom-right of the page.

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Could also please post your support ticket number here if you still have trouble getting through to support? :slight_smile:


My ticket number is 273534

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this is no chat option all day today and no email from support.

I passed this to Wyze eyes earlier today. Hopefully they can get back to you soon.

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thanks, sir.

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Hey, sorry for my delay! We do have a chat option but it sounds like it wasn’t showing up for you for some reason. Could you please tell me what browser and device you were using when on our support site? I’ll go check out your ticket and bring attention to it tomorrow when people are back in the office again.


Thank you. I’m using Chrome Version 75.0.3770.142 (Official Build) (64-bit) - from work and i tried from home - same experience. There ios a blue(looks green to me) ?Support button but the only option I have is to send yet another email.

This is becoming frustrating. I even received a survey asking about the support experience which is not complete yet.

This isn’t the support experience i expected.

saga over, ticket closed.


Lucky! I am waiting almost 2 weeks later…Never even got a “hey we’re working on it”