Is the Wyze Sprinkler Controller compatible with Orbit 58911?

Does anyone know if the controller can be made to work with an old-school (but still in production) Orbit drip irrigation system? The one I have - Orbit 58911 (see link below) - controls four water valves via wires to a single battery operated controller. The valves connect to the main controller unit via some very proprietary-looking connections, but I wonder if they could be stripped off and connected manually into the Wyze controller. Unfortunately, I don’t even understand how the Wyze Sprinkler controller connects. Does anyone have a link describing that, I have read as much of the literature as I could find online and saw no references to the connection method.

If it’s battery operated, that would be DC, and the Wyze controller uses 24volt AC, so that probably would not work.

I know the input to the controller is AC. Are you sure the output that controls valves is also? Thanks!