Is the RTSP stream toxic?

Noticed decreased performance after adding 2 more V2 cams to existing 3 I have defined in iSpy. Immediately noticed decreased performance. While it is normal for frame-rates to decrease as more cameras come into the pool, it became worrisome when the Windows 7 PC began to freeze randomly.

Haven’t been able to establish any pattern, but the PC would be found frozen daily for almost a week. Removed all Wyze cams from the iSpy configuration and all is well again.

Is something about the Wyze RTSP stream toxic enough to cause a PC to freeze? (There is nothing in Windows Event Logs to indicate anything related).

Going to install the same setup on another PC and see if the behavior is the same.

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“Toxic.” Technical term? :wink:

If it brings a computer to its knees, then yes. At least its easier to understand than some of the tech jargon :grinning: