RTSP Tweaks in the Wyze App?

I trying to improve my experience with RTSP. Currently I am using iSpy and a mix of 14 V2 Cams and V2 Pans with RTSP FW. I have figured out setting iSpy to UDP rather than TCP mode reduces the number of times the cameras lose connection, but it still happens multiple times a week. At this point I have reset and am adding cameras 1 at a time to iSpy to see if I can find a sweet spot. Currently about 4 or 5 is as far as I can go without having dropouts every hour or so. (I have perfmon runing on my PC and have noticed a spike in network traffic around the time a camera drops, but not every time.)

Has anyone tested the impact of settings in the Wyze app to see if that helps reduce drops? Thinking of things like:

In the Wyze app:

  • Local Recording on/off
  • Having an SD card installed or not
  • Detects Motion on/off
  • Notifications on/off
  • Motion Detection Sensitivity (I am assuming if Detects Motion is off, this doesn’t matter but that would depend on how they coded it.)
  • Rotate Image 180 on/off
  • Resolution HD/SD/360

Also, wondering if the FPS setting in iSpy (i.e. maximum framerate) matters… i.e. does the camera throw whatever it can regardless of the app requesting the feed, or if I cut the FPS in iSpy will that actually throttle the data or even image capture on the camera