Is the Door Bell a good system ? Any reviews available?

Can I get some reviews on the Video DoorBell ?



This was helpful thanks. I did not know that they didnt have the ability to select detection zones like the cams do. That’s a deal breaker for me as i live on a busy street. I will be returning the 2 i just bought from Home Depot.

I am able to select detection zones on my doorbell.

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Like this you mean? They do.

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I like mine. I haven’t used any other video doorbell, so I have nothing to compare it too. I didn’t even have a regular doorbell previously, so mine was a brand new install.

Mine are able to select zones, that feature got updated from those original reviews.

I like my VDB, you can select Zones, it has a separate Chime, works with Alexa. The only thing I have noticed, and this is not the VDB, is the delay in notification if you are sing CamPlus with it. I will be notified about 10 seconds on my phone. But the door chime and Alexa works great with it. Please note, there are times where I am notified on my phone within 3 seconds as well.

I am happy with the purchase of my VDB.