Is SD card required

Is the SD card necessary for the camera to work? I’m not wanting to record. I just want to watch live.

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No, an SD card is not required. I love to have one though, so I can see what happened when I wasn’t looking, or need more detail on an event.


Cam Plus does miss events on occasion and having the SD I was able to view those missed events for review.

The video format saved though is incompatible with the Wyze Forum, Whyze that?
When I convert it to H 2.64 MP4 it works fine on this forum but the size on this video was too large after that… :MOD: please change this video :grin:

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SD cards are not that expensive. Make sure you get a high endurance card. Regular SD cards are meant for still cameras. Recording a live feed onto a regular SD card will result in data corruption. As others have said, having an SD card in the camera will let you view past events.

Plays fine on mobile (Firefox). Had to zoom in on woodpile raccoon.

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Must be a browser issue then, in the past I have had mods change the video I posted.

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