Is Infrared safe for baby?

Looking to use this as a baby monitor. wondering if the IR lights are damaging to babies eyes if they stare at it? Any one have any info on this?


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It is fine.

I think it depends how close you are going to mount the camera to the baby…I think you would need to ask Wyze what intensity & dispersion rates their IR LEDs have

Eyes are damaged at a cellular level when the energy they’re exposed to is either 1) in the ionizing portion of the electromagnetic spectrum (IR is nowhere near that), or 2) in high enough intensity to cause thermal-ionization (heat damage) to cells. These produce neither.

These cams have what are known as near-IR emitters. They are of low energy intensity, they’re unfocused beams, and they produce broader spectrum emissions across multiple wavelengths due to imprecise manufacturing which is why you can see that slight red glow (the emitter is bleeding over in to the visible red portion of the spectrum). None of those things are harmful and staring at it is similar to staring at a common night light.

In contrast, intense focused light at a very narrow wavelength is a laser, and ultraviolet light which is ionizing sits on the opposite side of the visible spectrum. Both of those will cause damage precisely because they are the opposite of the IR in these devices.

There are no cases where near-IR lights at normal intensity have ever caused damage, that’s why you’ve never seen a warning label about it. On the other hand we’ve all seen warning labels about looking at lasers or protecting your eyes from UV with sunglasses.

You can get a better understanding about what’s all at play with IR by reading about the electromagnetic spectrum, where these things sit on it, and where things start becoming dangerous (ionization).