Can you get a clear night vision in a dark room with all led close on the cam?

I would like to buy and use a Wyze cam V2 as a baby monitor. I don’t want my kid to see any lights on the cam (even the smallest one) in a pitch black room. Can you shut down every LED on the cam and still get a clear night vision picture?

I’ve look a lot online but I cannot find a clear answer, I still not sure if the visible IR LED on the cam are an indicator or trully usefull to get a clear NV picture.


There is no night vision without a light source, so no. The IR lights glow a dim red when on.


@Newshound thanks for the fast answer. I don’t know a lot about IR light but on my Infant Summer baby monitor (which I need to replace) there is no visible led or light at all and the night vision is great. You can’t find the camera in a dark room. It’s the same on a lot of baby monitor since we don’t want the kids to be anoy or distract by some led.

I’m looking to get the same from the Wyze cam…if there is a way!?

Yes, there is a way. You can turn ON night vision in the settings, turn OFF the night vision lights, then go to Amazon or equiv and buy a separate 940nm light set. Those are much less visible (if not invisible).

You can also vote for this wishlist item to get them to change the LEDs on the cam in future production:


@Newshound Wow, thank you for those info!

I have one up in the living room. There isnt enough light on them to wake a sleeping baby or even a toddler. I have the IR lights on too. And I cant even see them with the Pan Cam.

Hey Marty_Matt,

I am just letting you know, IR lights are not visible to the human eye, but visible to other cameras. You are able to turn off the status LED in the app.

An IR illuminator is not nessecary, unless the room you need coverage for is reasonably large.

Good luck,


You can see if the IR lights are on , IR lights are visible to the human eye on the cams, Look close , They appear as faint red lights

And a 940nm IR illuminator is needed if you have switched off the internal 850 nm IR lights in a totally dark room, which is what was outlined above.

But the internal lights really are dim, give them a look. Just be sure there is nothing reflective in front of the camera when you look, because the lights are auto-dimming. Point the camera up to check out the lights.