Holiday light projector effect on Wyze cam?

I’m wondering if the Star Shower outdoor holiday light decoration would damage the camera if the light from the projector hit it. Any thoughts?

Test it out and let us know :thinking::slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, don’t wanna…

The instructions for the Star Shower does say not to look directly at it and not to point it into the sky and to use it only according to instructions to “avoid hazardous laser radiation.”

Ok, there really is no need to be snarky. And, commercials trying to sell something aren’t likely to make their product look like it could be harmful.

Is it halogen, led or laser powered? Close range laser hits to a ccd could cause dead pixels and any light pointed at a camera will not make the footage very good. I guess you could move the camera, or reaim the holiday light. Several possibilities…

Ah the age old problem. Aesthetics or functionality. I can’t imagine the laser doing much but I’d rather be safe then sorry. I mean if it was a high powered laser it could start fires or bore a hole. Somehow I highly doubt a decoration has that strength, least I’d hope not.

It’s laser. The question was not, “what to do about it”, the question was could it harm it. If the answer is yes, then I’m capable of figuring out to move it so it doesn’t.

Again, that was not the question asked. I asked if it could harm the camera. Had nothing to do with Aesthetics OR functionality. Simple question, could it harm the camera, yes or no. I’ve moved it, just in case.

Will a Laser Pointer Damage a Security Camera?

The display is technically not a handheld “laser pointer”, but is similar.

I did mention that damage to the CCD could occur and what would probably happen. If it hits anywhere else on the camera other than the CCD, no.

Edit: @hbic3, it replied to me, but this was to you.

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This is what I meant. I didn’t mean “could it burn a hole in the plastic casing.” I meant, the lens itself. Simple answer is yes. Thank you.

The lens is glass, but the CCD is behind the glass and the CCD could be damaged if it had any direct laser exposure. :slight_smile: Glad you got your answer.

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I have 2 Star Showers in my front yard with a Cam Pan behind a window facing outside. To date, the only issue I have is that the camera constantly picks up the motion so I have to turn it off until midnight when the lights turn off.
Hope that helps!

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