IR wont turn on

Like the title says - IR won’t turn on on my pan cam V2.

The app lets me move the toggle switch to “on”, but the IR never actually turns on. And when I leave the settings screen where the toggle switch is and come back, the switch is set back to “Off” again.

Tried this several rimes from both Android and iOS apps - same result.

I’ve even put the camera in complete darkness (i.e. in a closed box) to make sure it was dark enough, but, while it flips to Night Vision (goes B/W), still no IR!

Everything else seems to work OK.

Anyone else?

Are the IR lights on?

Gear icon > advanced settings > toggle on night vision ir lights

,Did all that. No IR lights and, while the toggle will move to “on” it doesnt stay that way and is flipped back off when I exit and re-enter the Advanced settings screen…

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Try this .

First toggle OFF the night vision ir lights

Once you do that , go to account > app settings > clear the app cache ( you may need to repeat this until it goes down to 0)

Then force close the app. Load it back up again . Go to the pan cam v2 settings > advanced settings > toggle on the ir lights and see if the action sticks and doesn’t revert when you back out of the settings screen .


Tried all that. Nope! flips right back off again (after exiting and going back in…). I’ve even tried monitoring the stream from another device to see if the screen image changes when IR is toggled - it doesn’t…

I think I may have a hardware failure!

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Sounds like it , it maybe the device .

Did it drop or fall recently ? Any known damage ?

Did it always turn on the ir lights before or has this always been this way.

I would contact support and see about a replacement .

There were no falls or other damage. It never even left the house. IR may never have worked as I never had to really use it (a streetlight outside provides enough light) and I didn’t notice it until I moved the camera last night. Thought I’d check here first to see if anyone else had the problem, maybe caused by a recent update or whatever.

Seems not, so I’ll get in touch w support…

Tx for the help…

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I had a wco v2 out in my shed that was working fine for a few weeks and then all of a sudden also stopped turning on the IR lights.

Whenever I viewed the stream at night , the IR lights wouldn’t turn on whatsoever so the live stream was literally pitch black

I waited a few weeks and a new FW update came out and somehow the IR lights started working and I was able to view the stream at night again .

I would definitely contact support and see about a replacement and see if you can keep the current pan cam v2 and if the issue will fix itself hopefully in the future

Good luck


I continue to have problems with this and am wondering if anyone else has similar.

I moved the camera to a new location, network etc. and now the problem is that I.R. toggle won’t stay OFF!!!

I’ve also noticed that, with detection zone on, the camera returns to its “home “ position after 3 to 5 seconds - NOT the 15 it’s supposed to wait.

Latest firmware is installed etc…

Apart from that, all else seems OK.

Have you contacted Support yet about this camera?

What App versions are you running?

Also, have to tried clearing the App Cache?

I had a couple of v3 cameras where the Night Vision settings were acting weird. I would set it to off and go back in to look at it and would be on Auto for a few seconds then switch to Off. Clearing the App Cache fixed my problem. It is worth a try to see if it helps you.

Thanks for the suggestions. I cleared the caches on all the platforms I use, I “factory reset” the camera 3 times and checked that all app software and camera firmware is up to date.

Same problems remain.

I’ll contact support, I was just wondering if other cam pan 2 users had the same issue…

I tried submitting a ticket. It’s not as straightforward as it used to be. After eventually loading a ticket submission form (which I only got access to after a bot chat) and submitting, it just sat there with the rotating “busy” symbol. After about 5 mins waiting I backed out of it, so I don’t know if my ticket got submitted or not… Grrrr…

Did you ever get this resolved? I have the exact same issue on one of my pan cam 2 cameras

…No. I gave up trying and never heard anything back after I tried submitting a log. I don’t have the time to waste on it any more. I just leave night mode off…

I did another quick test though and this time I turned Night Vision ON, but IR Off. - but the camera turned IR on! Tested twice, same issue…

…and it still does the “return to base” thing much too quickly - like, after 5 or 6 seconds…

I just accept it for what it is now: functional as long as I don’t use Nightvision…

I have a support ticket started; we’ll see what happens. They were really good about it when my doorbell overheated and stopped charging.