iOS Beta Hot fix is available for WCO Connection Problems

Just got this on my iOS device as a hot fix for the Outdoor Cam Connection issue. Notice the Description. There is no Update to the Android App yet.

I provided this screen shot to some having connection issues and received a response that it corrected one of them. Here is his comment, short and sweet:

So those having WCO connection issues with iOS as the platform and are beta testing, you may want to install the Hot fix to see if it works.

I haven’t seen anything from Wyze Yet in the Beta forum. Hopefully they will soon.


I haven’t seen that in the beta Test Flight app.The latest showing is version 2.4.34 which was released a week ago (:

Yea, install the .34 version. It did an automatic update to the .35 version after that since it was a hot fix. I did not even prompt it to look, when I started the app, it was there.

I just noticed there is a 2.24.41 update in Testflight now.

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Installed and will test. thanks for the notification on this.

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