iOS Application 2.31.07 Released - Fixes the Cam v3 area setting

As said in the title, this app update on iOS fixes what they broke last week.
Thanks Wyze for this quick turnaround - even if not breaking it would have been better.

Also, some firmware has been released but haven’t had time to check for which device…

It’s for the Cam v3 - garage door feature added.

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yup, can confirm the fix works :smiley: Thanks wyze!

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2.31.07 or do you really mean 2.31.0 (7)?

According to the discord announcement :smiley:

It seems to depend on where you read the version number.
In the App Store, it’s 2.31.07.
In the Wyze app it’s 2.31.0(7).

In the end, it fixes the issue :wink:

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