IOS APP missing Playback on Shared account?

Anyone else have any issues from this since the last update? I have my ios app as primary and I can see playback on my cams. My wife is on shared account for the same cameras and is missing Playback from her IOS app. Is this normal with the newest updates ?

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I thought playback was only available for the account holder and not shared accounts.

She had it before last ios update.

Yes, I noticed the same–not being able to use Playback from a shared account for my v3 camera. Not sure what the rationale for that is. (BTW, I only recently created a shared account, so I can’t speak to whether this feature was previously available.)

I think that was a glitch because it’s been a wishlist request for awhile. Was it possible she was logged in to your account?

You sure? Shared never has had playback as far as I know. I normally use an Android, but once in a while I test stuff on my @#$%^&* iPhone.

im sure