iOS app logout bug

I hope I’m posting in the right sub-forum. If an iPhone is not connected to the internet, the Wyze iOS app will log the user out. I notice this often when I turn on Airplane Mode or am connected to a wifi network with no internet (walking around the street and connecting to a café’s wifi that requires authentication on a captive portal, connected to the airplane’s wifi after landing when the wireless network still broadcasts but isn’t hooked up to internet, et cetera). Instead of recognizing that there is no internet access and doing nothing, the Wyze iOS app takes the user to the login page. This remains true even if I quit the app and get back on the internet. In my opinion this bug/decision should be changed so that in a no-internet scenario, the logged in status of the user isn’t affected. Thanks for considering it!

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I turn my phone to airplane mode every night, and have never had this happen. Does it say why you were logged out? What device and OS version do you have? What app version?

Does this happen always, like can you reproduce it right now? Can you can a screen recording?


Thanks for the reply—I guess I was recalling wrong examples since I can’t reproduce it with wifi and cellular disabled, but this happens every time I’m on a plane using the in-flight wifi and I go to check the app when I land. And then I notice that I’m still connected to the airplane’s wifi network but that because it’s landed, there is no longer an internet connection. The Wyze app sees that the phone is connected to a wifi network but that there is no internet, and instead of a “Cannot refresh device list” text like in airplane mode, it just takes the user to the login screen. I then disconnect from the network / disable wifi, and the app stays on the login screen. I can reproduce this the next time I’m walking out and about and find a captive portal or some wifi connection with no internet.

I’m on the current iOSapp version and iOS 15 on an iPhone 13 Pro Max, and this has happened for a few years on whatever the current iteration of the Wyze app is at the time. I’m just now getting around to writing a post about it.

Interesting. Next time your able to reproduce it try and get a screen recording and definitely get an app log right after you sign back in through account > Wyze support > submit a log.

Please post both here. Thanks!

This happens pretty much every time they release a new beta app version for me, as well as randomly. So I agree, there is an issue here.

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