Introducing Wyze Cam Floodlight! - 11/9/21

16 in stock at my local hd… cool


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@WyzeGwendoylyn I’ve placed my order for 2 loooong awaited floodlights! Any idea when they might be shipping? There were 15 available in my local HD but for some reason, I prefer to go direct…

The pre-order floodlight Ships in December.

I bought one …checked wyze app. On android 8
V2.25.31. No listing for floodlight…no update available for app…this is frustrating…glad I didn’t open it yet…since I can’t install it…any more info on this and getting floodlight on the app???

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The app release is planned for tomorrow. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s good to hear… people that don’t follow this forum and are new to wyze world probably might try install and just return it… shame…app update should have been already implemented imo.

I think Home Depot’s premature release forced them to scramble and release everything before it was ready.

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Can the floodlight be scheduled to stay on for a set amount of time? Unlike another user I would prefer it stay on rather than only on with motion detection.

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Agree, implementation should have been ready before hardware release. But at least we had s response…thanks @WyzeGwendolyn

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Yet another product release by Wyze, big surprise. While I’d rather they fixed software issues with their current products, I am interested in this product. The video said the brightness is adjustable, what about the color temperature? I prefer a soft white light vs the cool white light that most LED lights have. Seems ridiculous that this is available now at Home Depot and only a pre order directly from Wyze. But I see my local HD has it for $99.98, which would make it the same price with tax as getting it directly from Wyze due to their shipping cost (plus tax). So how do I cancel the pre order?

Hmmmmmmm…uuuh…try going to your order page and hit cancel. :grin:

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Pre orders don’t show up on my order page. Pre orders never have.

Did you try both app and website…they populate differently…sometimes takes a minute

While I haven’t installed the flood light yet, I did just watch an official video with an example of it installed in an overhang. Hopefully the upload screenshot works from my phone here!

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Yes I did. But Wyze told me a while back that pre orders never show on our order pages, which doesn’t make sense to me because it makes it difficult for us to cancel an order. Probably why they did it this way.

But I just checked again and now I can see my pre order on the order history on the app but still can’t cancel it.

Try again tomorrow… should have the option there…i believe…or call

Their software is so messed up, even the picture for the order is wrong. It’s showing the Wyze Lamp. I really wish Wyze would focus more on fixing their software, instead of releasing more and more products.

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I checked a couple of preorders as well and see no way to cancel them either (not that I need to). I guess calling is the way to go. Or Christmas is coming up, maybe someone could use a floodlight cam… :christmas_tree:

Yeah cool !!!