Introducing Wyze Cam Floodlight! - 11/9/21

Picked up 2 from HD and installed this afternoon, I’m so disappointed. With the sensitivity set to 30 a few errant snowflakes kept turning both floodlights on with just PIR selected for motion and no camera detection - [Mod Edit] that the only only available trigger for the PIR is ‘motion detected’ with no negation options. I have a porch lamp inside hooked to a Wyze plug (since I ran out of smart bulbs), but since there is not negation clause available in the floodlight trigger options all you can do is have the plug turned on - no way to turn it off, even after the flood goes off - tried to have trigger and target the same and have the plug just turn itself off after 5 minutes, nothing works, spent 3 hours on the phone with support, they admitted there are TONS of problems with the floods and said they would send a replacement - but that email confirmation has still not arrived. I was such a soap box pundit for Wyze the past 3 years, but first they stop selling Sense v1 - which most people loved for home automations, and then with Sv2, they require HMS and are forcing you to get the keypad and the monitoring service without offering just the hub and sensors for people just wanting automation and not a security system - I’m just sad, this sucks!

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