Introducing Wyze Cam Floodlight! - 11/9/21

Although if you wanted to get really crazy, giving the color range of the wyze bulb color could be interesting, Especially if you had some rules setup with the security setup so it would flash red and blue or something when the alarm is triggered


I said the exact same thing in another part of the forum. Must not be too crazy if at least two of us had the same brainstorm. :laughing:

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I don’t have one yet so I can’t tell you for certain, but see here: Wyze Cam Floodlight Unboxing - YouTube at around 8:10. It seems like from this unboxing that the camera is built in.
Anyone here with more info on this?

My HD has these. Got 2 today. Installed one… Both are likely going back to the store. Just an over priced camera bracket / power supply.

cannot access PIR sensor in Rules
PIR only works at night
Motion in day time is reliant on pixel motion, which outside is trash.

I have one installed and did look at the camera, it seems like just one little screw holding it to the floor light.


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You got that right… Go to your local Home Depot.

Hi @WyzeGwendolyn - could you please confirm if 220/ 240v are supported?

I believe your gripes are all listed in the available features on the box…as for access to pir, do you have updated app?

Huh, really? That makes no sense at all. Why would they give up the ability to avoid all those usual daytime shadow and leaf and insect and squirrel pixel based alerts?

Unless I am missing something. There is no where to access the pir sensor. Why I failed to get excited about this

So for me it turned out to be the camera not receiving power, just got back from HD and the other one works right away :+1:


Yup you’re missing something alright…(reading)…
It’s in the settings… On, off , range…


Whoever is about to setup this flood light better be ready to wake up the neighborhood :person_facepalming: :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Iam talking using it both at night and day to trigger actions, such as recording, turn camera on etc. That menu doesn’t help

Ya… that would be cool… like trigger other devices like the led strip…etc…

Picked up my Wyze Floodlight from Home Depot and as I’m looking it over today I noticed a discrepancy when compared to one of the pictures that Wyze advertised of it on their product web page. They have a picture showing the floodlight at a corner with one light pointing one way the other light pointing around the corner. These lights have a small hood over them that slightly extends over the top. In the Wyze picture the light pointing to the side shows the hood on the top which is impossible because, it would be on the side due to limitations of the positioning joint. There is no way to point the lights to the right or left and have the hood on the top. Wyze is falsely advertising with this picture and needs to remove it or show it as it really is. Or remove the hoods from the lights altogether. It’s disheartening when companies resort to advertising pictures that don’t show their products as they really are.

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Good to know I bought 2 first one was on middle of flat wall mounting is fine, but I have already submitted 7 tickets on this thing. Just too much wrong with it

What issues are you having? I’m probably going to mount mine tomorrow or next week. I still wish it didn’t have a cool white light, that’s just too bright but I’m hoping the adjustable brightness will make it not so cool white.

The adjustable brightness will do for you I’m sure. The changes are very noticeable.