Interpretation of IR images from security cams

Can anyone provide night images using IR light of objects know to be bugs, birds, and minidrones? I don’t know what I’m looking at.

Could you send a picture of what you see? Usually anything close to the lense (even dust) will reflect the IR and appear very bright and blurry on cam.

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Minidrones? Haven’t had that pleasure… yet! Would love to see a video of that!

I just posted a bug one over on this thread… But there are a bunch already out here in the forum.

If you do a search in the Captured on Wyze category for Bugs, you should get some to look at.

Here is a search link to get you started: Search results for '#captured-on-wyze bugs' - Wyze Forum

As you progress in the forum, read some posts, post in topics, give some likes, etc. Your trust level will increase from new user and DiscoBot will grant you the priveledge of posting images and videos. It doesn’t take a lot, so go exploring and you should be there in no time.

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The heat signature of pair of jet-powered minidrones looks like this under IR:


Oh wow! Just viewed the video. Are you sure it wasn’t a pair of Wraith Darts?

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I’ll take one of those please. :pray:

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Here’s a Possum face in IR :rofl:


Here’s a spidey butt under IR:

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I tried to attach a video but got the message, “Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.”

Not sure what to tell you.

The bright streak in the background over the garage looks to be off in the distance. Can’t really tell what caused that. Do you have a daytime pic showing what is in that area?

The bright blip on the left corner of the garage roof is probably a small bug.

It’s hard to tell without a video to give it some context.

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