Interestiong discovery

I just discovered something interesting. I have a few Wyze cameras at a mountaintop radio site. A week or two ago while doing something with one of the V2 cameras, I inadvertently deleted the camera rather than what I was intending to do. That required me to do the setup on that camera in order to add it back in. Had to wait until today when I was going to that radio site. Set up the camera and discovered a surprise.
That camera is set up for continuous recording to a 64GB uSD card. During the time that it was not on my account, it WAS still recording to the uSD card, and I could access those recordings from the app after adding it back in.


You forgot tot tell the cam to take a nap before your deleted it. :upside_down_face:
The other day my critter WCO was at 25% battery, it was doing scheduled event recording to the card in the cam. I turned off event recording so I could bring it inside and charge it and forgot about the Scheduled Recording. The end result was I got 10 min. worth video of me handling the camera, removing it from the base, plugging it in and moving it around inside the house.


I would expect that from the cam. Since microSD recording settings are fetched and executed from the server on cam startup, and only modified when pushed from the server when changed and saved in the app, the cam microSD recording should continue to operate on the last startup settings until it is repowered, even if removed from the account while actively recording. Essentially the same behavior when you remove the cam from WiFi after startup. Recording to microSD doesn’t require constant server supervision. Only at startup.

That was pretty much my assumption as well. just found it interesting…

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You’re right, it is interesting that a deletion from the app didn’t initiate a push from the server to shut down the cam. But, absent that push, the cam did what it was supposed to.