Installing Sense contact sensor to garage door

Now that I have a Wyze Sense contact sensor expansion pack I may switch the ST sensor to Wyze, but I like having a temperature sensor in the garage as well (which the ST sensor has also). But I like the “been open 5 minutes” notification built in to Wyze, to be continued…

You don’t have to use the magnet (non sensor) side of the reed switch that is provided. Any magnet oriented the right way will work and a stronger magnet will work from farther away.

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@Wrecks0 Yes, I noticed that. I was playing with a smaller magnet (those magnetic bead toy thing), I put five of those in a string as opposed to using the Wyze magnet. I was testing the setup by using a piece of metal angle so the bead magnet will stick to it. But as the bead magnet on the metal angle touched the Wyze Sense sensor, it didn’t trigger the signal. I didn’t receive the notification. By playing with just the bead magnet, it triggered. So, I got frustrated and just swallowed the bead magnets.

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Ok, so the magetic field is the key. Now, I need to find a way to get the beads out of my gut and test it again. :thinking:

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I have a Clopay steel rollup door with a Genie opener. I was surprised to see the top panels first movement was to pull away from the header. This allows a simple standard mounting solution of the WYZE contact. I used a scrap piece of plastic, (an old light switch plate) and screwed it to the header to avoid having to rely on foam tape sticking to wood over time. It will also make it easier to change the battery. I added a bead of silicon around the sensor magnet after pressing it into place ensuring it will never fall off.


I love the ingenuity of both of those. Wasn’t bashing great ideas. That’s what I love about this forum. Everyone keeps thinking further and further outside the box. Wasn’t bashing by any means. Also I have had a few of min fall off. Just swapped out for better double sided foam tape.


I know, mine Sensor contact didn’t stick to the yard glass door frame and it fell off the 1st night. I just replaced it with regular double-sided tape (not foam), it has been holding 3 days now.

Hey @bill.admin and @mikechrn

a lot of people on here, myself included have had amazing success with 3M command strips. have you tried those? I’ve had them hold up in cold and moist weather and they are easy to take off and replace. they stick to everything I’ve tried thus far too.

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Way to funny😂

Bill, are you still looking for a solution? My garage door opener seems to be the same design. I removed the grease from the track between the open mechanism and the door. I used3M Permanent Double Sided tape to attach the large contact to the device and the smaller magnet to the rail. This setup has been working extremely well.


Thanks @dneizer! Yours looks good. Mine is holding strong so far, except for a few occasions that it lost signal with the mothership which is attached to a Pan in the living right from the firedoor. But opening and closing the garage door or restarting the Pan fixes the problem.

just another option

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Omg, this is genius!
Now I need to get a hinge!

Using ribbon and some hot glue seems to work.Wyze Garage Door Open/Close Sensor - YouTube

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Were you offering the garage door brackets for sale?

He’s selling the bracket on Etsy. The link is is posted in the YouTube description section under the video, but here it is: Garage Door Bracket for Wyze Sense V1 - Etsy

I purchased his bracket in March of this year and it’s been working flawlessly. :+1:

I realize this is an old topic, but it helped me go with this as my solution for my garage door entry sensor:

I never thought of placing the entry sensor here. Hopefully the adhesive holds the sensor in place.



So far, works well to have my Amazon Alexa announce the garage door is opening, and to light up multiple lights in the house if the garage door stays open for longer than 3 minutes.

Update: I have Alexa state “Garage Door is Closed” when the contact closes.

Update2: and why I didn’t do this before, Alexa now says “Garage Door is Open” when the Contact opens.

I just wish there as a means to have Alexa tell me the Garage Door has been Open for 5 Minutes, 10 Minutes, etc. and then at a given time, All my selected devices in the house either light up read, or alarm to let me know the door was not shut when it should be.



Where can I get this? Where is the 3D model?

Hopefully they don’t remove this link. Garage Door Bracket for Wyze Sense V2 - Etsy

oh sorry you wanted the model. NOT a Physical Item STL Garage Door Bracket for Wyze Sense - Etsy

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