Installing floodlight but junction box doesn't seem to have a ground wire

Good morning,

I am installing a second floodlight camera in our backyard. Install on the front yard went perfect.

Problem with the backyard floodlight junction box is I don’t see a ground wire anywhere. What issues will this cause with installing the floodlight? Would I need to get a ground wire installed before finishing my floodlight install?

Thank you.

Im not an electrician, but I don’t believe a ground wire is necessary in this case. Usually that wire is used if the body of the floodlight/appliance is metal and could shock someone if they touch it when a different wire has come loose and touched the same metal, but since the floodlight is plastic and out of reach of most it is probably fine.

Again, I am NOT an electrician and you should do your own research before doing anything else.

As IEatBeans said, the ground is for safety and won’t affect the operation. Depending on the age of your house and local building codes, if the box is metal, it’s probably already grounded. A short wire from the ground connection on what you are installing to the mounting screws will be sufficient.


One thing to remember is that while the floodlight is connected to your house 120 volt alternating current the LED’s and camera use a lower direct current voltage, it has a transformer to change the power from AC to DC and reduce the voltage, so a ground wire isn’t used with direct current power.

I have a wyze floodlight with camera front and back of the house it’s an 80’s house just black white and green if you don’t have a ground wire you can make one just attach it to the bracket which attaches to the metal back box.