Installation breaks base of Wyze Lock and Wyze Keypad

My lock & keypad work. Right off the box.
But I have broken the back plate of the keypad; and the lock now moves when the door know is moved.

I have contacted Wyze support 2 times now. Yesterday it was a very long call. In both cases, I was asked for all the usual info - proof of purchase, photos.

Both ended with the customer service rep promising to send email. One was on 10 Jan. One was 31 Jan. Then never heard from support.


  1. I am pretty sure I am not the only one with these hardware install issues. Does someone have a neat solution? I am thinking of using the plastic back plate on the keypad. I thought of fabricating the metal plate but it woul dneed to be a near perfect fit.
    As for the lock - I am just going to drill holes and add 2 more screws at the top - the existing ones are behind the batteries.

  2. Have you had the experience I have had with Wyze Customer Support? Being blown off after spending hours.