Wyze Lock Keypad

When is the keypad coming?


I’m am wondering the same thing! They kept changing the date! I need this ASAP. When I watched the video before ordering on Early Access, it showed that it was included! That was a lie!

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Great question I would like to know also

I sent an message to Wyze yesterday asking this question. Still no response :rage:

I’d like to know this as well. Even a rough ETA

I believe the last thing I read said May for its release. Hopefully that hasn’t changed with all the thermometers etc getting shipped. My wyze lock is still sitring in the box until I can get ahold of the keypad.

I finally got a response from Wyze after waiting over a week. Yanai from Wyze said there currently is no time-line on the release but hopefully in a few months. Really?? First, they advertised that it was included with the early release which was a lie. Then they said early February, then mid April. Then May. It’s always one lie after another!

I was just wondering if there is any update on when the keypad for the WYZE lock will be released. I have 3 WYZE locks and will be purchasing 3 keypads. I find that the auto unlock is not very reliable yet and the keypad would be a great help for the times it does not work.

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Hopefully soon! I’m not really using my wyze lock, need the keypad 1st!

While I find the Auto Unlock sometimes fails it is still a great feature and it takes all of ten seconds to get my phone and unlock the house. Yes I will be getting the keypad for convenience sake but I would just use the lock and enjoy it.

It’s out there…

Wyze Lock Keypad

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I just ordered my Wyze Lock Keypad this morning! I can’t wait until I get it!

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I just saw it was available too! No thanks to Wyze for letting me know!

That’s how I found out from a post on this forum But the important thing is I found out and have one ordered.

Ordered mine today also. Received a promotional email, not sure if it went out to everybody or just those who bought the lock. Sounds like they only have a limited quantity for now.

Yeah I received the same email. I hope I purchased my keypad in time. The order still shows processing. I bought it about 8;45 ET this morning…

I will get the keypad if it is NOT shipped FedEx smartpost. I ordered the scale and it has been in Indiana for 8 days because of it being shipped FedEx smartpost. Pleas don’t use this type of shipping for your products.

My keypad is being shipped USPS they just informed me.

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That’s great. I just wish they would tell you upfront before you order which shipping platform they will use.

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My Keypad shipped today via USPS…

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