Info on notifications in systems without cam+

I have not updated CAMv3 firmware in 6 months and would like to know if notifications will change with an update, I keep getting emails telling me it will. At this time the cam app with show a number for notifications and it will give a one time alert sound.

If I update will it text me, I hope? Thanks ! I have recommended

Wyze to many BTW.

Anyone without cam plus getting text notifications please?

No texts…only in app push notifications.


The only update is the verbage used and displayed on the app push notifications. The frequency or way they are delivered doesn’t change. This is in regards to your screen shot.

More info here …


Hey WildBill, Could you turn-on push notifications when you leave for a few days?
We just do not want to be distracted by them when we mostly are home all the time.

Yes, you can turn them on and off at will. You can also schedule them to be on or off using rules. On the main page of the app there is a little bell icon that controls notifications.

Thank-you Sir !