Bug Issue?

I can’t update the alert settings (on/off) or time for alerts on first camera in list. Second one is fine.

How can I receive a notification when my WyzeCam records an alert video? What can I do if I’m receiving too many notifications?
Your WyzeCam has the ability to send you a push notification on your smartphone when it records an alert video. To turn on/off push notifications, tap the Notifications tab on the Wyze app, and tap the Settings icon in the top-right corner. From there you can toggle Push notifications on or off.

A few things to be aware of:

Turning off notifications only turns off the push notifications on your smartphone. Your WyzeCam will continue to automatically record alert videos based on the Alert Settings of your WyzeCam. If you turn off notifications, you will not receive any notification that an alert video has been captured, but you can view alert videos in the Notifications tab of the Wyze App. See the previous question for how to turn on/off the automatic recording of alert videos.

Notifications settings are a global setting that will apply to all types of alert videos and to all WyzeCams in your Wyze App. Alert video recording settings are set on each individual camera in the Settings for each camera.

Make sure Notifications are enabled on your smartphone in order to receive notifications from the Wyze App.

Update. I don’t receive any modifications for that camera.

Okay. I think my camera was stuck 1/2 way between firmware updates. Problem solved.