Indoor Cameras automatically turn off when the room goes pitch dark?

So bought the wyze cam and wyze cam pan hoping to use it as baby monitor. However I didn’t know the cameras automatically turn off when the the room goes completely dark. Is there anyway to change the settings so the camera(s) stay on when the room goes pitch dark?

They don’t turn off (unless you have the camera plugged into a switched outlet such that when you turn off the room lights, the camara looses power.
If what you mean is that the image goes black, then it sounds like you have night mode turned off. When looking at the one camera in the phone app, above the camera view is the words “Live stream”. To the right of that is a light green (I hate the Wyze color scheme) partial moon shaped icon. That will toggle between On, Off, and Auto. Make sure it is in Auto. That way when the room lights turn off, the camera will detect dark and switch to night mode and also turn on it’s IR illuminators (unless you manually turned those off). Here is a screen capture of one of my cameras (with the setting to Off).


Good lord :man_facepalming:. Thats absolutely what was happening. They were plugged into the outlet that was connected to the light switch. That certainly makes me feel dumb but glad to hear it was user error and not the product. Thank you K6CCC!!!


I like it when it’s easy!

Wow now that’s pretty funny stuff.