Individual Camera, Sense, Doorbell, AI detection type, etc. Alert Notification Sound and/or Color

Unique alert tones

I have several cameras @ different properties.
I/we would like to have different alert tones for detection so I know what/where the detection is before looking at my phone.

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If you are an android user, buzzkill app will be your best bet for custom notifications

I was planning to install a cam whose job will be to listen for my burglar/smoke alarm while I am away. I want an immediate, persistent and loud notification for that event so that it gets my immediate attention. Kindly make this feature available. The current low blip-blip, buried among other notifications, is not sufficient.

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Do you know when we can start setting unique notifications, for example. If a Person is detected I can add an mp3 sound to say Person detected in Front yard?

I am currently using an Android phone Pixel 6 and an app called MacDriod to set these notifications which works great. It would be nice if we can do this within the Wyze rules.

In rules there is a setting where I can set to detect a Person but no notification for the phone. I can set the cam alarm but that is to much as my cam is inside my house. Any feedback would be appreciated

Multiple alert sounds to choose from

I’m surprised this feature hasn’t been added. Would be nice to have multiple alert tones to choose from and separate “Motion” from “Person” notification tones, etc

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I hope they are working on this. I have all of them muted because I could not tell the difference. I have two mp3’s one with one that says Person detected in my Front yard and the other one that says Person detected in the driveway.

I’ve personally been asking for a distinctive ring for the doorbell and distinctive sounds for the cameras for well over a year with no result. It seems to me to be a basic function that at least a doorbell should have. Very frustrating they aren’t doing this for us when the other brand choices ie. RING and NEST have this function.

Did you say there is a workaround?


I think I read somewhere that you can set up some sort of IFTTT workaround, but I have no idea how to do that. I would appreciate it if someone might chime in and explain how one would set up IFTTT notifications. I simply want to set up a notification for one camera to repeatedly notify me with a distinctive sound when it hears my old wired burglar alarm siren.

I have an Android Pixel 6 and I managed to setup custom sounds using MacDriod.

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MacroDroid (Android only) App’s capability to produce this feature is explained and discussed in the following posts and topics. An alternative third party App, BuzzKill, has similar capabilities.

As Posted Above :point_up:

Different Notification Sound for EACH Individual Wyze Device AND type of Motion\AI - Workaround for Android Only - Doesn’t work for iPhone

Share MacroDroid Macros for Wyze IoT

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Caveat: I have the IFTTT for Android app. Since you use iOS, the IFTTT for iOS app may have different triggers and actions based on OS restrictions that I have no way of verifying. The following is based on my experience using IFTTT for Android:

The IFTTT Wyze triggers are somewhat limited. But, for your purpose, after linking your account, you can choose either Detects Fire Alarm, Detects CO Alarm, or Detects Sound as your trigger on a specific cam on your account. Note that there is no Person Detected trigger.

The Action can be to play a specific tone or song, send a Notification, SMS Text, or Email.

IFTTT allows for 5 “Apletts” [aka Routine or Rule] in the free version.

Click here to view Screenshot examples.

The following are screenshots of the Wyze Triggers and Actions available in IFTTT as mentioned above:

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Thanks. I’ll have to look into it further and see if it will meet my needs.

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I tried searching FNR Notifications Reader on the Apple App Store, however it didn’t find a match. Is there a iPhone version or an alternative app like it that would work on an iPhone?

I was able to set up IFTTT to send me a text notification when my cam detects sound. That text message notification will repeat on my iPhone.

I dont understand why something so simple cannot be added. This should have been a feature from Day 1.

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Sorry, I am not an iOS user and have no visibility of what 3rd party apps are available for iOS. Because of its inherent proprietary restrictions and pay-to-play costs related to developing, iOS isn’t friendly to many imaginative developers.

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Eloquent Wisdom Mr. Slayer

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Is there an IFTTT roadmap?

I’ve already identified a Wyze bug that swaps motion detected and cleared and I’m wondering if your statement " Note that there is no Person Detected trigger." will be addressed in the future?

The nearest I could find is a #Wishlist topic wherein the Person Detection trigger has already been requested:

Different notification tones for my cameras ?

I live in the Land of “Illegal Head lights”.

They are so bright n wide, that u’d swear, “The City”, does not illuminate, it’s streets.

The lights spill 30-50 feet over, parallel to the street and onto my property. Thus setting off alerts every 5- 20 mins.

Alerts for “Trespasser’s” and those, “Unauthorized folk”, Who are, “Entering my Driveway”?

Alerts are Good for that &
Alerts for High beam and wide beam spillover, are bad.

I’d hate to miss a “Real Alert”, elsewhere on the property. Just because of a flood of headlights, initiated, false alerts.

I’d love for Wyze to have the app, let us assign, different tones. Strictly for, differentiating those kind & unfortunate cameras.

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