Is there a Wyze product that will alert me if my old burglar/smoke alarm goes off?

Perhaps this is a “nevermind.”
I tested again this afternoon in a more real-like situation. I was out running errands and had set the house alarm and turned the alarm-cam on before leaving. When I returned, I intentionally triggered the house alarm and immediately received a Wyze notification because the alarm-cam detected sound. A second or two later I also received an IFTTT message that the alarm-cam detected sound. Good so far. Then surprisingly, at two minute intervals, I received repeat notifications of the text message. So that’s exactly how I expected this to work. I don’t know if it makes a difference, but my phone was dormant/closed at the time of these notifications. In other words, I had not opened the phone when the notifications came. I will continue to monitor.
I’m also going to try to set up the same type of text notification sent to my wife’s phone, if that’s possible.

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