In Web View event viewing; “next” and “previous" buttons produce opposite result

In viewing event clips full screen on Wyze Web view it’s excellent to scroll through them with the “next” and “previous” buttons at the bottom of the screen but … the “next” button navigates to a clip previous in actual recorded time. This seems contrary. What am I missing ?

This can be a little confusing but I believe this is intentional.

In the wyze app the event at the top is the latest. You scroll down (away from the start) to see older events. In web view the event on the left is newer than the right. So in web view, you hit the right button to go to an event that is older than the current one.

I agree that maybe the label on hover should be changed. For the right button it should say “Older Event” and left should say “Newer Event”. Next and previous can be confusing because it can mean next even in the timeline or next event as in the one you haven’t watched.

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Your suggestion to relabel the buttons “Older Event” and “Newer Event” would clear up what clip you will see next.