In app Submit feedback option

One thing I would like to see is a “submit feedback” option. It could be listed under each device’s settings menu. This would make it much easier for me to send direct feedback related to bugs and minor suggestions on how to improve the app interactions with a specific device.

I see Wyze has implemented a “report and issue button” in the band settings. Something along those lines but for all wyze products would work great.

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I think tapping Account > Help & Feedback > Submit a Log in the app is what you’re looking for. If you don’t actually want the log submitted, you can uncheck that option before submitting.


I just noticed that. Thanks.

That’s kind of what I’m looking for, but I want to be able to access it from within a device’s settings menu. That way I can quickly submit feedback on a specific device as soon as I see something, without having to navigate all the way back to the home page. It can be as simple as a button that redirects you to the “submit a log” page, which would already have your device information filled in.

Additionally, I would like to see a dedicated “feature request” option. I don’t like to give feedback on only issues. I also like to give suggestions on what can be improved. I feel like that would be an easy way for Wyze to gather more information on where their strong points are in their products as well as what could be improved.

Not everyone looks at these forums. I think it should be as easy as possible for any user to submit whatever feedback they have.

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Your wish(list) is my command:

Re feature request button, why don’t you add that as a comment on the above topic. See if it gets any traction. But I will say I’m very doubtful it would happen because there just aren’t the resources to monitor and curate another channel of feature requests.


Thanks. Now that I think about it, you’re right. It’s better to just have all suggestions go through the public forum.