Improve the Wyze sensor mounting glue / adhesive with a simple modification

I have been reading in the Roadmap posts about the sensor adhesive issues, especially the magnetic portion of the contact sensor. I had some window contact magnets leftover from the installation of my analog security system about 7 years ago. I am sure these could be obtained online. With a small piece of PVC plastic, the Wyze magnetic contact sensor can be modified to not need the adhesive.

This photo shows the screw plate I made for the contact sensor magnet. A piece of PVC 1/8" thick cut to 1-7/8”x3/8”. Drill and counter-sink a 1/8” ø hole at each end for No.4-40 flathead wood screws.

Photo 2 shows the magnet portion of the contact sensor stripped of it’s adhesive and glued to the screw plate.

A comparison between the old window magnets and the Wyze contact sensor magnet. I am sure the window magnets can be obtained online.

A similar approach can be used for the transmitting portion of the contact sensor as well as the motion sensor with larger pieces of plastic. Basically, the adhesive is being replaced with glue. The battery housing will still pop off replace spent batteries, so long as glue is kept away from the casing joint.

Victor Maletic.