IMPORTANT: Terms of Service and Security Updates - 1/6/22

People’s Court it. I’d like to see the hot (tempered) Cuban lady hear the case. :wink:

See my other posts here. Support offered me $20 off a new cam which seems to indicate they know Wyze caused this problem. I’ve asked for a free, working cam for me and everyone else affected. No answer yet.

Wyze requires mandatory arbitration but I agree, let’s refer this to Peoples Court! I think we know the verdict…

Well the Terms of Service did not change that much, still against the Terms of Service to use these cameras in a business like setting @kae4560 - I read the full Terms of Service and listed below are some key takeouts for those using Wyze Cams in a business setting:

Wyze Terms of Service > D. Access and Use > iii. sell or resell our Products or Services, or commercially use our Products or Services

  1. LIMITED WARRANTY AND DISCLAIMERS > B. Intended Use of Wyze Products and Services

Our Products and Services are intended to be accessed and used for non-critical, non-commercial, home-based, personal uses and not for safety, security or time-sensitive purposes.

Supplemental Terms for the Wyze Cam > 1. USE OF WYZE CAM PRODUCTS AND SERVICES >
A. Use in Compliance with Law; Recording and Privacy

2nd paragraph:
Unless specifically authorized by Wyze in writing, all Wyze Cam Products and related Services are intended for purely personal use in or around your home. These Wyze Cam Terms do not permit you to use Wyze Cam Products in a business or a workplace.

Supplemental Terms for the CAM PLUS SERVICES > Installation and Use

2nd paragraph:
Additionally, before using Cam Plus Services, it is your obligation to determine whether your intended use is subject to any data protection or privacy laws, and to comply with such laws at all times. The Cam Plus Services are intended for purely personal and household use. These Cam Plus Terms do not permit you to use the Cam Plus Services in a business or a workplace.

Wonder if @kae4560 will read and abide by these terms…

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Well that the V3 and doorbells are all for “indoor use only” is a whopper of a term.

I don’t think a physical product can really be limited by a Terms of Service, can it? The contracted CamPlus service, certainly, but are there enforceable laws that say I can’t use a toaster in a diner just because the manufacturer says it’s for home use?

But does said toaster use the manufacturers network cloud servers for the basic operations, wouldn’t want to burn the toast, burnt toast liabilities and all… :upside_down_face:

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Have been unable to reinstall my cameras since over a week ago due to new modem/router. Will not scan Qr Code. On phone several times. Now not at home until January 14th 2022. How is this going to affect me. I can’t update because cameras are offline

Just set your new router’s 2.4 Ghz SSID and password to be exactly the same as that of your old one. (Every router supports this.)

Then everything will just work. No resetting.

That said, it’s strange you’re having trouble reading the QRC when you do choose to reset.


My camera is doing the same thing. It says offline. I deleted it tried to add back ant it want add it back. I really like the camera. I just hate it’s not working and I have not heard from anyone

Be sure you open a ticket on this with Wyze. But that may not make much difference. I heard from Support with the offer of a $20 store credit. But they have ignored me since then. No response from them since two days ago (1/11).

This should be used in a response to any online forum such as slickdeals when people are talking about the Wyze home monitoring system or cameras for security.


Yes, now that you mention the Doorbells… I don’t see too many Doorbells being used… indoors…

Perhaps the Terms of Service need some changes made to reflect V3’s and WOC’s being used outdoors?

That said… the following Wyze products appear they would be used outdoors as well:

Perhaps @WyzeGwendolyn should have the lawyers make some edits to the Terms of Service.


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Huh. Between this and the "V3s and doorbells aren’t for outdoor use* this has just got to be an outdated ToS?

These weren’t rhetorical questions. Might one of the several active gwendolyns please answer these? There is a lot of change in play in Wyzeland and some clarity would be appreciated.

Pipe down. :slight_smile:

OK, so I’ve had my FINAL answer from Wyze Support after the required firmware update bricked my 2019 cam 2. Here is what they say:
"We appreciate you taking the time to troubleshoot with this device and I sincerely apologize that your camera has been bricked. We would like to offer a replacement for this unit but it looks like this product is outside of the warranty period and is not eligible for being replaced.

We offered a $20 Store Credit as a token of goodwill even though the device is outside the warranty period, however, I understand that does not seem acceptable for you. At this point, that is the only resolution we can do to help."

I told them:
“Feel free to add a credit to my account if you wish, using this email address, but be aware that this is NOT satisfactory. You deliberately bricked my cam. No other interpretation is possible, except that you never did any testing before releasing the latest mandatory firmware “update”. EITHER WAY, this is Wyze’s bad. Warranty period is not the issue, when you deliberately disable previously working devices.

I have already ordered a replacement cam from a different company, and will continue to stand by my negative reviews of Wyze anywhere I can post them.

Shame on Wyze. I expected better from you.

Wyze, be clear, I am VERY disappointed with your response here. I thought you were a nice, ethical, local (Seattle) company, just looking to create good products and treat customers fairly. Apparently, I was wrong about ALL of that. Oh no, I guess you are local - but nothing else.

Wyze, you still have the chance to do better, here. You have done wrong. Replace all the bricked cams with cam 3s or whatever you have that will work. Apologize. And never do this again.”

Nuff said. Continue to deal with Wyze at your peril. They are not ethical. They can, and will, brick your devices with firmware updates anytime they want more money.

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Well, I didn’t get an email (yes you have it), I didn’t get a notification, it just stopped working on the 11th. Went to NO notification there!! HELLO? The marketing people don’t want their potential customers to know that there are any issues? It would HELP your marketing. IF THERE IS AN ISSUE, PUT IT ON WYZE.COM’s FRONT PAGE. I am obviously not the only one who’s app stopped working with some sort of cryptic error message. All you need was a link! You REALLY need a customer orientated person in there! After going through the AWS service outage last month, you would think that you might have learned where your customers spend a long time to get back running. Forum only had an entry "Terms of Service and security update… read it…update to best protect… NOTHING ABOUT IT WILL STOP WORKING!!

This is the section of the above post that stated you would have to upgrade before being able to use the app. There should have also been in-app messaging along with emails.

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For what it’s worth, good old TinyCam is chugging along with my Wyzecams just fine. No updates at all. (I know this because there is no related app store on my tablet.)

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Hi… thanks for responding. I just got home from out of state so first thing in morning will be trying to set up my cameras again. I did use my old password. It’s the QR Scan that not picking up.


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