IMPORTANT: Terms of Service and Security Updates - 1/6/22

So just a few minutes ago I opened the app on my iPad…guess what? There is a new pop-up forcing you to agree to the new terms of service or else you can’t use the app. Pretty poor from Wyze.

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I decided to update rather than wait for the push, and now my Cam 2 won’t work at all. The iOS update worked, but the firmware update seemed to fail - I got that notification - but NOW there is no option to update the firmware so I’m stuck. I’ve rebooted etc. but the camera has been completely offline from the moment I did the updates.

What else can I try?

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On Android you can tap the “back” button and continue using the app without accepting the new terms.


Seems like a danger all right. Let us know how that works out.

I will be less hesitant if Wyze Software Quality Control test is effective.

Wyse needs a comprehensive replacement if tgey brick a device as there is no older firmware available ( must be cyrrent?)

Can someone at WYZE please put into plain English #9 INDEMNITY FOR THIRD-PARTY ACTIONS?

To ME, it sounds like if someone wants to put out a class action against WYZE, and if WYZE requires that I as an individual user of one of their products is contacted by WYZE to defend WYZE, I have to pay all legal fees myself.

Is this correct? This can’t be correct is it?

This is worrying to me, and as such has rendered my devices useless because I will not agree to this.

I am by no means an attorney, but my understanding indemnity for third party actions (which appear regularly in many contracts and TOS) means if you do something with Wyze products that for some reason causes a lawsuit you will make Wyze whole in their defense of something you did with their product causing them to get sued.
I do not believe this would protect Wyze from class action lawsuits or that it would keep you from signing on to a class action if one arose.

The only example I can think of is in the case of construction a general contractor (Wyze) may require a sub-contracter (user) to indemnify them against losses. For instance a general contractor hires a sub-contractor to do some work, sub-contractors work fails causing damage. Third party sues the general contractor and the sub-contractor having agreed to indemnify the general contractor has to pay any fees associated with the general contractor having to defend themselves against work the sub-contractor did.

Again I am not an attorney, am not speaking for Wyze and hopefully if I am wrong someone will correct me but that has always been my understanding of how that works.


Hi Wyze,

I have had 5 cams V3 getting bricked out of 6 following a firmware update (some bricked right away some bricked a few months of usage later out of nowhere all had in common the fact that they shared the same firmware version). NOT updating the firmware seems to be what keeps them alive.

Also my cams are at the end of their warranty coverage.

What will WYZE do if our cams brick following a firmware update push? Will you send us all (Wyze cam V3 stuck on solid red light) new cams?


My only camera, a cam 2, is now a brick. I did the iOS update as recently recommended in email, tried the firmware update, but it failed several times. So then, following the online support suggestion, I deleted the camera and tried to add it back. Only now the camera does not respond at all, when I press RESET it does not do anything, does not say “Ready to connect”, status light just stays solid yellow.

Ready for a new cam 3 if offered free but I certainly will not buy from Wyze again if they fail to fix this problem that they created. Until now cam has been relatively trouble-free except for problems caused by iOS and firmware updates.


I forgot to say, I’ve had this camera since mid-2019.

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Make sure you are pressing hard on the reset button, with your thumbnail if necessary, until you feel a click. Seems that it used to work, or you wouldn’t have been able to install it initially.

I challenge anyone to read the Terms of Service and Privacy Statement, and accompanying links, in their entirety. If you do, you will be the first to make it through.

I am curious… Does it infer that if Wyze breaks a cam that is not anymore under warranty (through a firmware push) the end user is out of luck?

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I understand the Wyze V3 camera is meant for outdoor use per your website:


But, the updated Terms of Service state the WCO is the only outdoor device ?

Please clarify the disparity between these two statements.



Are you seriously asking whether I managed to push the reset button? The answer is yes, many times. No response from the cam. It seems that the failed firmware download bricked the cam.

So far, that is how it seems. Still waiting for further response from Wyze. So, they are effectively saying that you are only entitled to the cam working for the warranty period, and after that, they can push software or firmware “updates” that completely disable earlier cams. Not exactly an incentive to buy from Wyze again.


I thought he meant the physical plastic push piece of the housing and the push receiver on the circuit board may have been out-of-spec, misaligned, too far apart, etc for a ‘normal’ push to register.

@kae4560 mentioned diagnosing that on one of their cams, I think. :slight_smile:

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If that were true, I’d never have been able to set the camera up in 2019. Be serious. It’s obvious Wyze got fed up with people using older cams and decided to disable them all with this firmware “update”. The only times I’ve ever had trouble with the cam 2 was after App updates or firmware updates, which is why I had held off doing this latest one until the “ultimatum with deadline” email came out. As soon as I updated the app, I tried the firmware update. It failed twice that day and a couple of times the next. The cam went offline when the update failed, never to return. Then, I followed online Wyze support instructions to delete the cam and add it back. It deleted fine, but will not reset, so I can’t reinstall it. Wyze has offered me $20 toward a new camera. Not likely! They can brick that too, anytime they like!

I want either a new cam 3, free, or I’m just going to write negative reviews everywhere I can find.


And ironically, just a few days before this fiasco, I had recommended Wyze to a friend who wants a cam to check on her dog when she’s not home. I have kept her fully up to date on what is happening now. She won’t be buying from Wyze, obviously.

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Note that Support offered me $20 off a new cam which seems to indicate they know Wyze caused this problem. As noted in my forum posts, and in my reply to Support, I want a working cam at no cost or I will just proceed to post negative reviews everywhere I can. Terrible customer service, starting with the forced update, which (unless Wyze actually did not test it on older cams) they have to have known would brick people’s cams.