IFTTT seems to think I have no cameras

@rbruceporter, if you look at the wyzecam forums you’ll see that there have been issues with the Wyze-IFTTT integration for the past year.

Maybe I’m missing something, but this stuff looks to me to be pretty basic stuff to implement.

The best thing might be simply to have a different programmer(s) look over this and possibly rehaul it, as the 3-4 days I spent testing out the corner cases convinced me that it was flaky and unreliable.

A different perspective (different programmer), working on these issues, might make all the difference here…

I understand but I have been unable to replicate any of the issues myself. I suspect that means at the very least there may have been external factors causing the issues.

And of course it is not a good idea to base your own opinion on others experience. As a programmer I am sure you are aware that to a non programmer things can easily look like a code problem that are not. For instance last week there was a fairly widespread internet issue in my area. The first time I noticed was when Alexa could no longer control my Hue lights. Since Alexa was obviously connecting to the internet I assumed Hue was as well and therefor it was an Amazon issue. It actually turned out that Amazons servers were fine, Hues were not, but it acted like Alexa was the issue.

Sometimes a problem may just need a fresh perspective, one that a different programmer can bring to the table.

Each programmer brings their own toolset and preconceptions to a problem and the danger of having just one person be the only one to look at the issue is that they may no longer have a fresh perspective on the issue.

And then there’s the danger of simply blaming other components for the problem. Which may or may not be true. But assuming, at first, that the problem is with the component that you are responsible may help to focus your efforts so that you are able to prove fairly conclusively either that the problem is indeed NOT with your component OR that the problem is indeed with your component.

Additionally, adding some logging may help to localize the scope of the problem itself.

Again, this is where a fresh perspective would probably bear more fruit in this particular case…

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To clarify something here… the ability to toggle notifications on a per camera basis has not (at least not yet) been implemented. The only option for notification control via IFTTT right now is the global switch.

Here is the #wishlist topic requesting this and many more IFTTT features. You can hop over there and vote for and/or comment on it:

This thread took a few directions, but the main point is that the ifttt connection with wyze is unstable. Does wyze know this and is working on it?

For example, I have a web hook that turns a camera on. When I set it in ifttt i can see the cameras i have as options. It works for a seamingly random amount of time. Eventually, sooner than later, the webhook stops working. Going into the setting of the applet the camera options now say no camera available. It will eventually fix itself and work again, to also eventually quit working again. A fix is to edit the wyze-ifttt connection, sign into wyze through ifttt, and grant access again. The cameras options show up again.

In summary, ifttt is unreliable currently. Is this a bug wyze knows about and is working towards fixing?

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I don’t know if they are working on a fix or even if the problem is deemed to be on Wyze’s end. Have you submitted a support request?

I have not! That would be a perfect result of starting this thread. How do I do that?

You can do it here: Support Request.