IFTTT Integration failing for all Wyze integrations

so far mine is still working. I have read others stating it went out again in 3 days

Same issue here - every 3 or so days IFTTT needs to revalidate credentials with Wyze… Other non-Wyze integrations work just fine. Any Wyze employees have any insights?

I submitted a ticket. Hope everyone else will too. Need to figure out whats going on

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Thanks feedback for the integration issue. Is this issue only recent (after 6/29) ?


Hello @WyzeBin. Thanks for chiming in! For me this is recent but my use of IFTTT services with Wyze is less than 30 days. Other forums here and elsewhere indicate the authentication issue has been ongoing. Here is a link to another thread dated back started back in May 2019.

For my specific issue, logging back into Wyze through IFTTT’s services > account info has fixed the break in integrations (every 3 days or so). Seems like this is related to a token/authentication binding issue.

Yup, Did have some IFTTT issues back in January 2019, but this issue started on the 29th of June 2021. Last time it failed for me, was on the 5th of july 2021.

Mine has been going for four days now without needing a refresh so maybe something was fixed? I also submitted a ticket but am waiting to see if it disconnects again before I follow up on it.

Same here, my last failure was 7/5 at 1:53pm.

We deployed a fix for the issue. Does the issue still exist ? If the issue still exist, Please send a feedback log to us, and indicate in the log the time of the last relink.



Can you guys please add more IFTTT triggers please, as someone who subscribes to camplus I would love to have a “person detected” or “package detected” trigger that I can use on IFTTT with other services.

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I have also had issues as described above, and now again, but this time, the re-authentication “fix” isn’t working anymore. Now I’m simply getting a “Could not connect to service” error message

EDIT: Seems the service is back to an original “fix” where I need to re-authenticate and re-choose device, but the service is painfully slow… This needs to be fixed @WyzeBin

Hi Jappish84,

We update authentication backend service yesterday. So your issue is caused by the update event. Currently the service has returned to normal. If you have another issue, let me know. I appreciate your feedback.


Can we get cam plus IFTTT integration please?