IFTTT error "Must have devices with push notifications enabled"

I am having modicum of success with IFTTT, but I can’t do one very simple thing. When I create an aplet using a Wyze sensor opening to send me a notification - thus employing Wyze (IFT) and Notification (TT). I get the message shown on the subject line. I would think I would need to give it my phone number or somehow tell it where to send the notification?
Yes, I know that Wyze can do this by itself, but I want to have it done in IFTTT.

The notification is sent to the IFTTT app installed on your smart phone. The IFTTT app itself needs push notifications enabled so the notification can appear on your phone.

Master Yoda: thanks for answering - below is the image of my notifications screen for my iPhone 6:

I see nothing there about “Push” specifically.