Using IFTTT to enable/disable push notifications


I’m trying to use the IFTTT actions “enable/disable WyzeCam push notifications” in a pair of events, however they don’t seem to have an effect. Can anyone validate these work? Would using this events in IFTTT alter the value of the toggle in the IOS app itself (“Notifications > Send Notifications”), such that I could see if it had had an effect? If not, does the App have to be set up in a certain way such that IFTTT can have an effect?

Thanks in advance.

A few hours ago, Wyze reset all of their security tokens globally, so it’s possible that you’ve been logged out of Wyze through IFTTT. If so, you’ll need to reconnect to Wyze through IFTTT.

To do that, go here and click “Remove Wyze”: Get Started - IFTTT

Then go here, and click “Connect” again. Wyze works better with IFTTT

I have not used those specifically but IFTTT does work with WYZE, however due to a recent security measure you may need to reenable the connection between IFTTT and WYZE. This can be done in the services area of IFTTT, edit the WYZE service and log into it again.

Thanks guys, but this isn’t related to that. I only linked my account about an hour before posting this; the posts about the resets were up a fair while before that.

Can you walk me through what you are trying to set up and I can try to see where it is getting hung up

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