If Wyze Cam triggers on sound and turns on Plug, does it stay on forever?

I have a rule set up to trigger based on Sound. It turns on both Plug and Bulb. The Cam has the 5 min cool down. Does the Bulb and the Plug ever turn back off? Or do they stay on until manually turned off? I would like them to turn off after 5 minutes and be ready for another event.

Thank you

You have to set a rule to turn them off after X amount of time
Device Trigger “Has Been On For” X amount of time, then an Action “Turn Off”

Would that then make the plug unusable past 5 minutes all other times? In other words if it turns on a lamp for five minutes when you are not home, can you still use the lamp when you are home.

When you mute notifications when you are home does that also disable that rule? That would solve my problem.

Thank you

you can use the lamp when you are at home but it will turn off after 5 minutes unless you disable the rule

notifications are separate muting notifications will not disable that rule

Perhaps I can create a Shortcut that can mute notifications and disable that rule.

Will look into that.
Thank you

I have a Wyze bulb in a lamp and have a rule set up that between 4:00 PM and 8:00 AM if the motion sensor in the room triggers, then the lamp comes on. A second rule says that when the motion sensor is clear, the light will turn off after one minute.
My motion sensor trigger should be similar to your sound trigger.

I can still use the bulb at other times by ether asking Alexa to turn it on (my preferred way) or using the Wyze app to turn it on . So yes, you can still use it other times.

HOWEVER, there’s one caveat I haven’t found an automatic work around for… If during that 4:00 PM - 8:00 AM time I manually turn on the lamp it will stay on indefinitely, but if during those hours that the rule is set the motion sensor triggers, it will turn off the lamp 1 minute after the motion sensor clears. Of course motion will turn it on again, but still

There seems to be Sound Detected only with the Cam. No “clear” anything. Only detect.

The motion sensor must have different options.