i just receved my 4 cameras, a couple of concerns or sugestions i have.

the power cord is limited to 6ft. is there an extention to the cord?

Also, i want to hide the cord behind something but, i’m affraid to damage the cord because it sticks straight out from the wall is there a side plug or do i have to buy one? it would be convenient to change the design of the plug so that it would plug in against the wall.

how do i change the rotation if i mount the camera upside down?

i have unlimited data on my phone. wifi on my phone is turned off and i am unable to livestream the camera on my phone?

what do i do?

First, you need to turn on your wifi. That is the only way you will be able to view the livestream and notifications.

Secondly, I agree with you on the cord, but I solved my problem by plugging the camera power cord into an extension cord. You can buy an extension cord that is the length that you need.

Hope this helps.


I get what your saying . but, what about while i’m away from home? i won’t be connected to my wifi!?

You do not (or should not) need your phone’s wifi on to view the camera live stream. It should stream just fine to the phone over the phone’s cellular data connection. The camera itself, of course, needs to be connected to always-on wifi. If you cannot connect I would guess that you’ll probably find you also cannot connect from an outside wifi network. In that case, the first thing I’d check is if your local router is blocking the connection.

If you mount the camera upside down, tap the gear icon on the camera live stream page, then Advanced Settings, then flip the switch next to Rotation Image 180deg.

You can get longer USB cords such as the ones linked below from Or you could use a USB extension cord between the power block and the camera’s supplied cord. Most applications do not require a 90deg micro USB plug. But if you want one, there are plenty of them available on Amazon and from other retailers. Just make sure that the end will fit in the recessed receptacle of the camera.

The camera will stream just fine to your cellular data connection while away from home under normal circumstances. Something is blocking the connection, probably your router settings.