Ideas for smart locking door knob, handle, lever, latch, etc. (non-deadbolt)

ABSOLUTELY! We need this product.

new product request: like the Wyze Lock, but for doors that only have a handle, not a bolt this: Commercial Door Lever Set Keyed / Entry Function - Satin Chrome - Harney Hardware

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I joined this forum just to add my vote to this request. I recently installed a Wyze deadbolt and was super disappointed to see there’s no knob/lever/handle version that would let me add keyless entry to the door to my garage as well. It has no deadbolt, and I’d prefer to stay with one brand/app.

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Door lock with a handle

The Wyze deadbolt is great, but I request a door lock with a handle. I currently have a Harfo ( and would really like to replace it with a Wyze, but can’t as none have built-in handles.

Thank you for your consideration!

Surface Mount Bolt Lock

PLEASE, create a surface mount (not mortice) deadbolt lock to replace surface mounted storm door latches with no deadbolts. It would be a hit if it was battery powered and had a doorbell v2 on the exterior and keypad entry. The last check on this list is for it to be installed on doors 1/4” thick and up and it came in white.