I will NOT order from Wyze again!

Might be a surprise to you, but Hawaii is a state now. And Fedex flies multiple planes in each day. And Wyze doesn’t have to use FedEx Smartpost. They sometimes use USPS.

Wyze charges us for the shipping. That’s now why the camera is $20.

I don’t see them changing anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it.
Thanks for your input. Good talk.

I am aware it’s a state. You clearly have your gripes and nothing will change that. Good Luck :slight_smile:

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I order on Amazon Prime, same price as from Wyze, and Customer Support is far better than dealing with Wyze directly.

Order 2 V3’s got them in 2 days, Wyze is out of stock then too…

I ordered a quantity of V3’s from Wyze before that order and it took 5 days which was an improvement over my nearly 2 week V2 orders.

But Amazon has the best shipping and support, It don’t work you can take it and drop it off at an UPS store they pack and ship it back and your account is credited for return that day, no endless support “Get No-Where Troubleshooting” Just a simple return.

Amazon Prime is the Best Way to order WYZE products

You don’t even need to be a Prime member. $25 worth of order on Amazon and shipping is free. The price of one cam is more than the that. And it doesn’t take too long, either. Takes about 4 or 5 days, instead of 2.

I have access to Prime through a famiiy member, but mostly I order non-Prime. Sometimes both types arrive at the same time.

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I’ve been complaining on this tread for weeks. Here’s an update.
I placed my order for the HMS and extra stuff in Dec. By March still had not shipped and I wanted to make some adjustments to my order. Impossible. So, cancelled it and re-ordered 3/13/21.

My order for HMS was released to FedEx Smartpost on 5/11 at Greenwood IN. It arrived at one of their black holes on 5/20 , Chino, CA. And there it sit. I logged in to track my shippment on Wyze ever days. It was suppose to arrive per the FedEx tracking on 6/7. However, I guess some of the half dozen comments I left under “Rate Your Shipping Experience”, gave FedEx incentive to move it along, so I would stop posting. It arrived yesterday 6/2.

I frankly find this to be insufferable. These are U.S. carriers and I am still in a U.S. state. There’s no good logical reason for something to take a week to travel across country and then 12 more days to move from CA to HI.

Someone is going to jump in to defend Wyze or FedEx and explain "FedEx must be waiting for a load coming to Hawaii before they add it to all others. Really, I doubt there’s not a full load of anything that take an extra day. " Let’s not forget, FedEx made their reputation on 1-day and 2-day express shipping. I didn’t ask Wyze to use FedEx, don’t put it on me.

Wyze could better spend their time putting a USPS label on a box than a FedEx label on the same box and let USPS move it. USPS does pickups, just like FedEx. Wyze has been using FexEx Smart post for years, even before I bought my first cameras when they only sold cameras. Surely they could have adjusted any contract that boxed them into FedEx if they tried.

Think about the process involved with tiered shipping pricing. Like 1 Day or 2 day or Week shipping. Box is picked up, goes to sorting facility and readied to move to next location. So the box was labeled for 1 week shipping. So, how many times could it have been added to the 1-day or 2-day pallet and wasn’t? How many times did they pick it up, look at the lable and say, "nope, only been here 2 days, then 4 days, needs to sit here two more days - an they sit it back down. What’s magic about a week shipping after a week? If they can predict there’s going to be exactly enough room to fit it in on to the pallet after a week in the future, why can’t find space after 2-days, three days. Every time the box is touched could have been moving it to the destination, not checking the label to see how much they paid.

My point simply is, everything could move at the same flat rate just adjusted for weight.

Wished I had read all of these shipping complaints. It’s not FedEx fault. It’s the type of FedEx delivery the shipper selected/paid for. Wyze uses FedEx Smart Post, it’s 1/2 FedEx and 1/2 USPS. Here’s the message from FedEx:

“The shipper of this package chose FedEx Ground Economy, formerly known as FedEx SmartPost, as the shipment service; final delivery is handled by the U.S. Postal Service. Final delivery typically occurs between 2 and 7 business days.”…

This implies it’s 7 days FedEx Ground and perhaps another 7 via USPS. If you’re going to include shipping in the price, please clearly state it could take 2 weeks for delivery or offer a faster option.

Use Amazon Prime, works out to same price (or very close)

Better shipping, same warranty with MUCH EASIER Returns :grin:

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I have access to both Prime and non-Prime Amazon accounts.

Returns are the same for both.

And a single Wyze camera exceeds the minimum order amount for free shipping. The only difference is the shipping time; Primer delivers in 2 days, non-Prime delivers in 4~7 days. That’s what Prime gives you, faster shipping. And earlier access to deals.

So unless you need those extras, you don’t really need Prime.

In fairness, I received HMS in like 12 days vs the 16 I was expecting. I didn’t see HMS at Amazon or HD. I did find the Outdoor Cameras at HD along with the doorbells and I ordered a couple from there. Shipping was less than 4 days.