I want to install my wyze cam in 2 locations- work & home

I gotta question for those who are doing the same thing-
I have a bunch of cams at my house- both outside & inside
they are installed on my Wyze APP-

It occurred to me it would be great to also install one at my work-

so the million dollar question is:
How Do I Do It???

Can I use the same APP that is already installed on my phone?
Do I need to use a different email? / & password/wifi- if so- How do I add it? Under Account?

I would like to be able to see what is happening at work when I’m home.
I understand I would need to set up the cam just like I did at home-
but- the confusion is How to add another location/ wifi.

I have more than 1 email- & when I use it- I log out of one to see what is in the other.
however- I only have 1 cell phone number.

Is it possible to set up a cam at my job???

Yes it is, you could set it up under the same email even though it is on a different WiFi and it would show up in the app with your home devices, meaning you would see everything in the list, both home and work. If you want them separate you would have to set it up under a different e-mail address and log out of the app and back in with the other email. The drawback in this scenario is you will only get notified of items of the logged in ID I believe.
I have cams in multiple places and just set them all up under one ID so that I can see them all at once and always receive notifications without worrying which one is logged in.


The only thing I would add is if your company has camera restrictions, clear it with them first. I used to work in a design lab, and cameras were strictly forbidden on premises.

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no worries about cameras at work- it is a hair salon…- just wanna keep it with a view on the front door- to see who is walking in and out.

@Jason- thanks for letting me know I can indeed set it up at work while keeping it on the same app- when I go to work- I will bring in a cam & click the add product- hopefully it will give me the option to add a different wifi… for that location-- I will let you know if it works. hhahaha

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It will, you just have to be sure your phone is connected to the WiFi you need the camera connected to

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Thanks, I currently had this same question, but I want to keep my home camera on and put one in our RV while we are camping. Hoping once we get to the location I can get that wifi set on camper camera using the directions shared here.