I want to do very slow frame xfer to blogspot or web

Newbie here. I want to do very slow frame rate
video - about 5 frames an hour and have them
xferred to my web site or blogspot



Welcome to the forums! You want to make a timelapse? Make sure you have a SD card in the camera and then via app go into the live view, click “more” and then click timelapse to bring up the settings. Click set and off you go! Once the video is complete, you need to download it from the camera and then upload it to whatever place you want it. Here is the menu:

Well yeah but then he’ll need some IFTTT action or something to get it to autopost to the web site… Not sure what the best approach is.

Thanks, but I am looking for to transfer live video at an extremely slow frame rate, not time lapse


Uh seriously? How is 5 “frames” an hour different from a “time lapse” of snapshots every 12 minutes?

Unfortunately the video won’t be “live” if it is at 5 frames per hour. :slight_smile: I think your talking about something similar to a weather site, where you would upload still images that are captured. That can’t be done within the Wyze app. There may be ways to do it, but they would be a pretty serious work around and would maybe even still need some manual action on your part. Unfortunately I think you’ll need something other than the Wyze ecosystem to accomplish your wishes.